Welcome to Trumpoot's Sweet Tool Suite.

How time flies ... been hosting this site since 2018.

The latest program combines several tools into a single environment, and is primarily aimed at helping alliances manage AQ & AW teams.

New features are being added fairly regular at this point, and current features include:
  • Up to 10 different rosters that can be used to create different Player/BG assignments for different events.
  • Alliance Quest: Assign Paths for Attackers
  • Alliance War: Assign Paths/Teams for Attackers, Assign Defenders & Manage Diversity.
  • Export Images to share with your Alliance.
To get your FREE ACCOUNT send an email to trumpoot@gmail.com with your:
If you are migrating from the old "Alliance Diversity Tool", I will copy all your data so you don't have to start from scratch.

You can also contact me at:
  • Email: trumpoot@gmail.com
  • InGame: Trumpoot
  • LineId: subcommander